no update in a few days, hmm..I’m becoming sloppy methinks.
Been rather busy, I thought that working for an ISP, with open-internet access, I’d get time to update quite a few times in a day, but..oh no.
It’s so busy, just one call after another. Always around 50 or 60 calls waiting.
Not too bad mind, for only my fourth day taking calls alone, I’ve apparently got the best statistics of my team, which is a great achievement I suppose.
I’m only actually supporting at the moment (Tesco are VISP’s of NTL), but next week go back into training for the week so that I can support NTL:freedom too, so that should help vary things, I hope.
It’s not that it’s monotenous, definately not. Just everything seems far too easy at the moment :P Would like to dabble in more things to up my knowledge. NTL Tech support, here I come!

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