fight club

Since Fight Club is my favourite movie, ever, I’ve decided to invest and buy the book. The reviews on Amazon rave about it being much better than the movie, but time shall tell.
I haven’t read in an age, just don’t get the time anymore. But I shall have to make time as I enjoy reading.


  1. Fight Club- great film, haven’t read the book, hope you enjoy it. But on a different topic! I saw you! And I mean I actually saw you this time and not just someone who has similar hair! You were in Metros on friday wearing a black shirt and a pinkish tie. I saw you first of all when you were near the bar with a girl in jeans and a red top. I nearly fell off my chair (and that was early in the night so I wasn’t even drunk by that point.) Then you moved away so I didn’t see you for a while but then I moved to the dance floor bit and there you were again dancing with some guy with an afro! I watched you dancing and playing with your newly cut hair (which looks very nice by the way) for ages up until just after system of a down was played and you moved off of the dance floor so that afro guy could get in with this blonde girl. I didn’t see you after that but I was very pleased to note that the whole night you looked really happy. I would have come and said hi but despite consuming enough alcohol to make me fall over 4 times I didn’t have the courage. I’m sorry. I hope you don’t feel like you have a stalker now.

  2. It’s a good book as well as an awesome movie. I couldn’t tell you which I like more, really. The book’s pretty good and has a couple more parts than the movie, but the movie’s not off by much.

    Btw, sorry for commenting, I just felt I needed to.

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