Salon Cymru

Went to a hair show with Laura today. Was the 1-sa “Salon Cymru” competition.
Laura, as you may know works in a salon (owned by her parents) and is also studying to become a hairdresser.
The show was at Cardiff City Hall, so pretty snazzy.
Was real busy too, a lot of competitors!
Basically, the stylist was given a theme, (weeks in advance), and then at the show was given 25 minutes (at the same time as everyone else, in a big hall) to dress the models hair and make it look the part.
Laura competed in two different categories, was excellent to watch.
After I got over the whole “oh my god all these people care about are their looks” by remembering that I’d spent 25 minutes doing my hair before leaving the house, I quite enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. There was some real hairdressing talent there.

Lau was firstly in the category entitled “Let’s go Clubbing”, where the stylist had to make their model up as if they were going out clubbing. There were 26 people in this, so stiff competition!
This was Laura’s model, her friend Magga, the Icelandic model.

(This is the after pic)

She also competed in the next category (there were 4 altogether, but she was only in two), which was entitled “Hair at Night” which entailed doing the models hair up for a snazzy night out, for this, she used her friend Sarah.

(This is the after pic)

Now, Laura is 17 years old. Has only been doing her hair course (for which you had to be a part of to take part in this) for 1 week, but has worked at her mothers Salon for 5 years (as well as full time education).

And here she is, of 26 other competitors, most of which having been on a hairdressing course for over a year, picking up Third place for her piece with Magga, on Let’s go Clubbing.

Needless to say, everyone was thrilled, and screaming etc. :P
But jebus, I’m so proud of her. You worked so hard for it babe, you deserve it :)
And, I finally fully trust you with *my* hair!

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