Reading some of the comments left on a single post on my blog has prompted me to write this reply.
First of all, the internet is a medium of free speech, you cannot mediate this nor police this, if you do not like the view of a particular person, do not read it.
The post in question is that regarding Luke Tanhai. My site has been receiving a lot of extra views due to a particular story I wrote on this subject, that of a boy who was killed not so far from me in a bus accident.
If the view of those who had commented were neot biased due to the fact that it was their loved one who had died, I think we would have got a fairer judgement.
But saying that, if it had been my son, brother, nephew who had died, I’m sure also my view would have been perverted/biased too.
Please, those who read this story, actually read it fully, appeciate that I have sympathised with you on more than one ocassion within the comment, I made one un-positive comment, which was subsequently countered with a positive comment, and for some reason you single that out and brand me as, well, you know what you called me.
I am free to write on here for the world to see, and I will continue to do so.
My passion for writing what I feel shall go unhindered, no matter what.
I shall never be changed.


  1. Hi Nathan

    Glad to see that you felt unnerved enough to respond to the comments! Of course you have every right to comment – good for you. However, you should be prepared for the criticism that comes from commenting – it’s a fact of life! Those that chose to respond to your comments had every right to comment – don’t you think? Or is that a right that only you should have? Your sympathy is truely appreciated. Thank you.

    Warmest regards

  2. Luke was a gr8 person and 2 know him was a privilage and im glad i knew him as well as i did.The world isnt right and never will b right without him .Hes shining dwn on us and still brings a smile 2 our faces wen we think of the good times we had with him.Lovingly remembered.Luv u always.

  3. Hi Nathan

    Just thought I would make sure that you have been keeping up-to-date with things! You will of course by now be aware that the bus driver has been charged with Luke’s death! He has been charged with causing his death by dangerous driving.

    Perhaps you might now have a little bit of understanding for those few people that chose to react to your comments.

    Hope you’re keeping well and still continuing to exercise your right to express your opinion on the death’s of others.

    Kind regards


  4. Luke Tanhai was the funniest boy ever and i know myself and alot of other people friends and family miss him so much, nobody will 4get him and its still soooooooo unbelievable that hes gone, but 4 those fuckers who think its a jk can fuck off coz no1 deserves 2 die, specially in dat way, specially at that age. R.I.P LukeyxXxXxXxXx
    Love u alwaysxXxXxXxX

  5. The day luke died i wasn’t in school, however my friend rung me and told me he had an accident, ok so……….? it cant be that bad, “well people say he went to hospital” i thought this was people exagerating-NO. There was more and more stories coming from evry1 evrywhere, computers- even people had their names up as R.IP Lukey! I’d had enough so i told my dad- who was very close to luke and he drove me round to lukes house, outside was a friend of lukes and mine and i asked him what was happening- is he dead? i said-Yes!! I cudn’t believe it, I didn’t! Y luke, wat had he done wrong! I have began to belive the sayin “ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUND” coz as i seen it in my eyes luke was a great person, funny, friendly, a charcter to and he will never ever be forgotten. I think that lukes family are so strong and must be still to this day so devastated to lose such a special son. R.I.P LukeyxXxXxXxXx

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