oh my GOD

I’ve just found out that, I’ve stood on the same stage as none other than MATT BELLAMY of Muse.

At TJ’s in Newport, where I take photos for Alex when he puts gigs on, I always go up there to take photos and once shouted into the mic accidently not knowing it was on, probably the same mic that Matt sang into. Oh My God.

Also, I’ve been backstage, upstairs, where the band are likely to have gone to watch TV, sit on the sofa’s before the gig, take a piss, have a shower..
I’ve sat on that Sofa, Watched that TV, taken a piss in that toilet.

Yes, this is *the* sofa and *the* TV, in *the* room that Matt Bellamy graced in 1999 after/before/during their gig at TJ’s.


  1. Actually we bring our own mics everywhere, but yeah we were in that room with the tele :) Dom took a shit, me and chris pissed outside because the room was locked 50 mins before the gig. Great memories :)

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