Wow! Only a day left until my birthday!
It’s been a great week so far, with my new shifts, Monday & Tuesday are now my weekends, but I also took another two days, so 4 day weekend :)

Back to work tomorrow however, on my birthday too :( I tried to get it off, but seems everyone was anxious to book halloween off. Grr.
The plan for tomorrow?
Am going to the Fortune House in Cathays for a chinese with my parents, sister and Laura then I’m off on my own to meet everyone at Metros, should be fun :)
I sent out a mass text message to almost everyone in my phone book yesterday just to make sure everyone comes, it’s fancy dress too :D Dunno what, if anything, I’m going to go as yet though.
Might get a black wig, face paint etc and go as Marilyn Manson, hmm.


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