The public suck.

Work is winding me up today seriously.
For the last two weeks, prominantly displayed on our website was the fact that between 00:01 on Sunday 30th November and 08:00 on Wednesday 3rd December, our systems are being upgraded and therefor you cannot make any changes to your account nor can technical support see your account details (username, password, package etc.) but email, surfing, webspace etc will operate normally.

Despite this being displayed on the front of for the last two weeks, *AND* this being said by a recorded voice at the beginning of the call, people still insist on speaking to me, saying that they have lost their password, asking to change package, or something else to do with the account and then getting abusive, saying how shit the service is when I tell them that they can’t.

I hate the public sometimes, I really really do.

Winter of discontent

After not such a long investigation, I have come to the conclusion that the winter season makes people very angry.

Now, I’m an easy going type of guy, when out on the town I’m not out to cause any trouble, I just want to get drunk, listen to some good music and have fun.
I’ve been going out to alternative clubs (the only type of club I’ve ever really been to) for about 3 years now, and I have never had any trouble (at least nothing worth noting).
For some reason though, last night was an absolute nightmare.
Every person in the entire world, for no apparent reason, wanted to fight me.
Well, 3 people, but that is enough, 3 more than any other time.
I would understand if they had reason to want to “smack me out” as one of them put it, but these were just random people (in an alternative club!) who obviously just didn’t like the look of me.
To each of these three, not one word came out of my mouth, directed at them before they started their verbal abuse, and later, threats of violence.
One guy in Metros, I wasn’t even facing him before he decided to start making comments on my hair and my style (apparently I’m an “emo” kid, even though I hate emo music).
I walk away from him and his friends, trying not to look at them, and carry on with my night.
About 2 hours later, I decide to leave. I get upstairs to get my jacket (where theres a huge queue as usual), and he is stood at the top of the stairs with his friends. So I try again not to look at him and get to the back of the queue.
As I’m on my own, I have nothing else to do other than listen to his conversation.
This guy, someone that walked up and was slagging me off without even looking at my face, or knowing who the hell I was, was bragging about how he is going to wait until I get outside and then he’s going to “fucking smack him (me) out”. I couldn’t believe it.
I was so drunk that I wasn’t scared at all, I was more shocked that this guy was being such a prick. So I grab the bouncer quietly and tell him that I think this guy is gonna follow me etc. he understands and I leave.
I look behind me as I get out the door, and this guy is trying to leave.
Luckily Mike (the bouncer) has stopped him from leaving and I’m free to go and find Liam who is down a Gretsky’s.
Anyways, back to the point, the winter makes people horrible (to me at least) and makes customers (at work) really grouchy and shout at me :(
Feeling sorry for myself now….