what a weekend..

Well, it’s official. I’m old. 19 years of age. Before I know it, I’ll be 30, arch!

Thursday, well..what an adventure. Vicky’s house was the setting, the setting for some major drinking and a bad headache in the morning, which I had to be in work to endure. How I got home that night, only god knows, but, I did wake up in my own bed thankfully.

Friday, my parents, sister, Laura and I had a birthday meal at the Fortune House, in Cathays.
They have an “All you can Eat” option, which, typical me, I went for, but due to the fact I am hopeless with chopsticks, I left feeling very very hungry still.
Red stains from the spare ribs all over the table cloth where, shall we say, the chopsticks “werent working”; they were quite obviously broken.
After organising to go out to Metros in town, I decided I still wasnt feeling well after dinner so decided to go straight home (70cl of vodka doesn’t wash through your system very quickly), seems nobody was out anyway as Liam etc. couldnt get into Metros because they were full. So, I don’t think I missed much but heard a good night was had by all at Gretsky’s (at the Ice Rink).

Thank you to everybody who sent me Happy Birthday text messages, Emails, MSN Messages and comments on the site. It all means a lot to me.


  1. haha gutted!u cant use chopsticks…therefore…u must be a flagger!nice account of thursday night, but u 4got the standing in the rain for ages bit…and your birthday card!sorry about friday, i felt quite skank, but its not my fault liam looks 12 and cant get into metros!:P
    neways large it soon

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