What a week.
Just to let you know, that post made yesterday, a few vodka’s was an understatement, I was absolutely hammered. 10 Double vodka and coke, I’m extremely surprised I managed to spell everything pretty well!
Not very coherant sentencing, but, hell, what do you expect.

I haven’t been home in days, have been at Lauras every night (except friday ) since Tuesday, so am now longing to get back onto my computer :P
My wireless bits came, and spent 20 minutes playing with them on Friday, but obviously I went out so didn’t get very long to experiment with them, work’s well though, can use the internet, wirelessly up to the end of my garden at least. (I have 2 300m cards, so can go up to 300metres from the computer).

Laura did ask me to go out tonight as one of her friends boyfriends are playing at Barfly in town tonight, but I really don’t feel like going, this pissed Laura off, so..sorry :(


  1. How do you view the old pages, I want to see the abusive comments directed at you :), and by the way its spelt “sentencing” :P

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