Broadband Plus

Have been using the new service for NTL Broadband customers this week, and I have to say it is pretty good, it’s only in Beta Testing at the moment and have access as an am employee so don’t ask how to access it :P

Basically, you get full access to currently 16 sites which you usually have to pay for seperately. Apparently if you paid for them all seperately, you’d pay £34.97 a month, which, reading the sites seems to be about right.
The sites include, for music videos. for game downloads (tend to be old games, like Grand Theft Auto 2, but..hell, its free isnt it?) and more, it’s all great broadband content and with the excellent speeds of NTL 1mb, Broadband is looking better than ever :)

I have some screenshots kiddies, don’t fret!
I hope you like my taste in music :P

This is the BBPlus Main page, with in the background (playing the Distillers). VidZone is quite cool, has mostly new, pop songs, but has quite a few older artists, ie. Sting, Simply Red, Aerosmith and also has a range of Alternative bands, like Muse, The Distillers, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc.
The playlist fuction is great, just select a load of songs from the list on the left, click them and it’ll add to a playlist which will run seamlessly :) Your own MTV.

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