Winamp 5 Beta 2

Winamp 5 beta 2 is out, and guess what..It’s looking pretty shit hot.
They’ve bundled in with it a sample skin for the new “Modern Skins” sytem that they are starting to use (this beta can use both old version skins and new version skins), and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing.
Winamp started playing Videos back in Winamp 2, with a plugin (and later this plugin was to be part of the normal install), but it was always quite bad, detached from the main window and basically looked a mess.
Now, Winamp 5 is a pleasure to watch videos in, and I have added my entire music video collection to it, running alongside (on random) with my normal MP3′s.
I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.
I love Winamp 2. I hate Winamp 3. But Winamp 5 is amazing, especially as it’s still only it beta stage, every beta comes up with new things. I thought beta 1 was good, 2 is brilliant. Get it.


  1. Developer AOL : need I say more!! I like winamp 2 always and forever! :) but i dunno kind of puts me off knowing it’s made by AOL! yet another sell out!

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