1. Yeah Matt Bellamy…my m8s said he was ugly..and i was like r u fucking kidding me?…this guy is not only talented (yeah work those fingers ont he guiatr jhfkjhdf) but he is aslo like fit as hell!!! and hey…do u know anyone who dyes their hair as much as him?..and he still looks so good???
    hmmm??…so u??
    and plus the muse-ic is amazing so….yeah he rules and so do dom and chris!! yeah go muse!!

  2. Matt Bellamy is without a doubt the most talented as well as good looking creature in the universe. He seems to pull of a mind blowing song everytime! I praise Muse for their excellence!

  3. matt is the sexiest thing eva! all my m8s r fed up of me talkin bout him. whoeva hates him shud. go fuck themselves. while theyre at it, i’ll go fuck matt!

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