those who dont want to see it, don’t click the “Read the rest” button..but I think this has to be one of these most shocking pictures I’ve seen this year.
From the Iran earthquake. Such a tragedy. If the government were asking for volunteers to go over there and help, I’d be the first in the queue.
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mistletoe and wine

It’s christmas time again :)
You can tell that because of the lack of updates for the last few days, I’ve been so damn busy.

Monday 22nd was supposed to be spent shopping, but I wussed out and ended up at the pub all day, this left me just one day (Tuesday 23rd) to do 95% of my christmas shopping.
Damn did I have hell, I don’t think I’ve been so stressed in my entire life.
The shops were busy, people were annoying, staff at some shops were terrible. (Yes, I’m talking about you, Mrs Virgin Megastore shelf stacker who decides to try to throw customers down stairs!)

I managed to get it done though!
Worked christmas eve :(
Then spent christmas day with my parents and family :)

The Only Fools and Horses xmas special this year was great, but I will not believe them however many times they say it is going to be the last ever episode, as it’s just not true. How can you have 3 last ever episodes?

The Office, last ever episodes on BBC1 were excellent.
Truly a genius show that cannot ever be replicated and I miss it already :(
But on the bright side, I had the second series on DVD from my parents for christmas :) woo.

And a fridge too!
Yes, a mini fridge for my bedroom, I shall never have to drink warm Vodka or Jack Daniels again. Genius.

I thank Laura for my christmas presents, some absolutely amazing stuff, she really does have taste :P
And I’m a little dismayed that her present, which I ordered 2 weeks before christmas still hasn’t come, even though the company was quick enough to take the money out of the bank. Bastards.


Had ntl: digital TV installed this morning, my dad has been bitching at me for 3 months now because we cancelled Sky digital in order to get this.

But it’s well worth it, working for ntl does have it’s perks.
Every digital tv channel, fastest (1mb) broadband, and a single telephone line, all for £27.97 ($49.29 USD) per month. :)