7 hours sleep in 2 days really does kill you, especially when you’ve been drinking copious amounts too.
Went out Thursday night, got absolutely bolloxed, got home by about 4am, was in bed by 4:30, was up at 8:45am, and in work by 9:30am.
Went out Friday night, got even more bolloxed than the night before, got home by 5:30am, was up at 8:30am, and in work by 9:45am.
Went out Saturday night, felt quite ill, had just 4 double vodka and coke before leaving the club at 11:20pm with Laura, was at Laura’s by 12:30am, was in bed by 1:30am.
Managed to get 8 hours sleep, woke up at 9:30am, was in work by 9:55am, but feeling so amazingly refreshed. :)
I’m so glad my working week is over, it’s been a tiring one.

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