It’s time..

This is it, it’s tonight. Matt, I’m coming for you!
I’m arriving at the CIA at about 4pm, doors open at 6, and I imagine the support band (Elbow) will be on at about 8ish, then Matt & Muse at about 9 or so.
I’m going to go so crazy, Muse are easily my favourite band, Matt Bellamy is so talented, he can play the best guitar, and get’s all creative with piano’s, megaphones, and all other types of shit. Their music is so amazing.

I have to go up to Laura’s salon this afternoon to drop off her ticket.
Do you think I’m a bad man? I bought Laura her ticket for her birthday, and she is working until 5ish, then turning up at about 8 and will be probably quite far back, but I want to get their early and be crushed up against the barrier.
I’m going to take my camera, I don’t care if it gets lost, it’s worth a try at getting pictures of Matthew.

It’s going to be so amazing.
Dances crazyily to Bliss


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