time ran out

Monday was amazing.

I was so damn close, getting so damn psyched up.
I went so crazy during citizen erased that I could barely stand up for the rest of the gig, but was forced to, quite simply by all the other thousands of sweaty Muse fans.
For the entire gig, I was centre of the crowd, 3 people from the barrier. So amazingly close, right in front of where Matt was standing (when he wasn’t at his piano).
Favourite songs of the night?
All of them.
But, outstanding performances of Apocolypse Please, Citizen Erased, Stockholm Syndrome and Bliss made the whole thing probably the best gig I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a few gigs (check out the list).
Looking at that list, it seems pretty sad that Monday I had my first crowd surfing experience.
During Stockholm Syndrome I got so pumped up that I just had to get up and over everyone, fucking amazing. Ended up centre stage, in front of the barrier, staring at Matt Bellamy’s feet from a distance of about 3 feet from him, while he’s singing and thrashing away. I stood there for about a minute or so before being pulled away by security. I’ve never been so close to Matt before, and during such an amazing rendition of an amazing song too. Fuck I’m so lucky.

Matthew, you were worth almost passing out and getting trampled on for.


  1. i love muse i think they are bloody fantastic.they don’t sound anything like radoihead once you get to know their sound.matthew is a awesome musician he is so bloody good.dominic is so great at playing the drums.and chris is fucking fantastic as well
    like so good i just can’t get over how bloody good they are.if they saw this email it wouldn’t even half explained how musch i bloody love them and their music.

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