slight change

In case anyone noticed, I’ve made a slight change to the layout.
The picture on the left hand side has changed to none other than the great Morrissey :D (of The Smiths, for those who don’t know)

I was sat here listening to Meat is Murder and thought, “I’ve never had a Morrissey design to my site…”
Well here it is :P

Update: I forgot I also updated the banner :) The slogan has changed. I’m so creative tonight, ahem.


  1. I have to say I am loving the Smiths layout!!!!!!!! :D
    I wouldn’t have put you down as a Smiths fan though. Doesn’t Marilyn Manson say that liking the Smiths, having sex while listening to the Smiths and having sex with a girl who likes the Smiths automatically makes you gay?????

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