Server Problems

As you may have noticed, for the last 24hours I’ve been having a few server problems.

I’m trying to move the site over to a new, dedicated server, but things are going to plan and a lot of re-organisation of the site is required.
All the files have been tranferred to the new server, but because I am organising it in a different way, a lot of recoding is having to be done.
I did try to switch over to the new system yesterday at around 2am, but when it became live it was almost totally dead.

I’ve considered transferring it back to the old server, but decided that by the time it is back on there, I could have the new one up and running, so for now, the site is pointing to a sub-directory of LifeEtc, on the old server.
Pictures and some sections may not work, please accept my apologies, I intend to have this sorted out as soon as I can.

Update: all seems to fixed now, have moved over to the dedicated server successfully, if you do notice any errors, please mail me.

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