I’ve been sporadically trying out a new type of geek tool recently, called Bluejacking.

Basically, with my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson T610) it has a type of communication technology called Bluetooth built in.

With this, you can pair up with other devices that have it and send them information. You don’t have to be directly in line, just about 15meters away from the other device.

This can be fun when in busy places, you search for other devices that have it, and send them creepy messages.
Ie. Last night I was at the Mall at Cribs Causeway, just outside of Bristol.
Now in the run-up to christmas, this place was absolutely packed, full of people that had bluetooth running on their phones.

Every one that I found was sent a message that read;
“Having fun shopping?”

Standing there, watching these people receive these messages, looking around them, getting a little creeped out is kinda funny :p

Well I had fun anyways…so if you’re visiting the site because you received one of these messages, then now you know..and you can start doing it to other people.

Visit for more information on bluejacking.

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