open me up & fix me

I feel no better than this morning, my legs are a little better, but now ache a lot.
I haven’t been able to hold down any food that I’ve eaten and I’m still really dizzy.

I’ve been on the settee in front of the TV all day as the monitor from the computer makes me really light headed and even more dizzy.
My head kills. Every loud noise makes my brain throb against the lining of my skull, I hate this.

This isn’t a hangover. This is the aftermath of a drugging incident, I know it.
It has to be. I can normally hold down 12 drinks before I start going loopy, but 8?
I ate a lot that day too.
Never leave drinks unattended, I did it a lot, that’s where the problem lies.


  1. Hey Nathan,
    I found your website today and have enjoyed checking it out. I’m in North Carolina, in the U.S. It was disturbing to read about your wild night- you’re really lucky that you’re OK (well, more or less.) It could have been alot worse than a pair of ripped jeans and missing cards. I was wondering if you actually did go to the hospital for bloodwork? If not, it sounds like you need to, with seeing funky colors and all…
    I especially liked seeing all your Muse stuff- they are pretty much unheard of here in the states, which really, REALLY sucks!!! I’d give anything to see them live! Matt’s my hero!
    Anyway, I hope you feel better and take it easy on yourself!!! (remember too much alcohol kills!)
    Oh- and do some more web cam videos. Show us your messy room! LOL
    See ya!

  2. Not being funny mate but don’t you think this is a warning about drinking lots as well??! I’m 12 drinks at your age could be doing alsorts to your body!

    I hope you get yourself looked at as well it’s not nice really!

    Saying that have a good Xmas and a happy new year!

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