the ultimate

..Entertainment system has finally been built.
In my bedroom :)

After all the years of collecting the latest technology and attempting to link it all together, I’ve finally finished. I don’t think theres anything else I could really add to this room, I only have one reason to leave now (and thats Laura, unless she comes here :P)

Yes, we have it all.
Consisting of;

32″ Mitsubishi Widescreen TV (newest addition) with 2 satellite speakers
linked up to (via TV in and TV out);
PC with;
17″ Dell Flatpanel TFT screen
240gb of Hard drive space
768mb RAM
2.4ghz Athlon XP processor
DVD Rom & CD-Writer
128mb NvIdia 5200FX graphics card
3x Firewire ports
6x USB port
3x Webcam
Hooked up to the internet with ntl:Home 1024kbps cablemodem connection.

Sound output (for TV and PC) via
Aiwa NSX-S888 hi-fi with 2x 500watt speakers with dual subwoofers
(3 CD changer, 2x tapedeck and 1x minidisc input)

Permanent hard drive content
Current collection of 7984 MP3′s
Complete collection of Family Guy Episodes
178 episodes of The Simpsons
103 episodes of South Park
346 Music Videos
104 Full length Movies

Additional input/output devices
Nikon Coolpix 3100 3megapixel digital camera (with 128mb SD Card)
Fuji S304 6megapixel digital camera (with 128mb XD Card)
JVC GR-DX25 DV Camera with 700x Zoom
Sony Digital NetMD Minidisc
And 159 DVD movies.

And…(not linked up, YET) my Mini Fridge, currently holding
1x bottle of Pepsi
1x bottle of Jack Daniels

Now you know why I spend so much time on my PC :P


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