Just to give you an idea of who the type of people I am calling are, here is one email from someone that I have to call back….

“Your customer service is an absolute bloody disgrace. I have just wasted 2 hours of my life trying to get to talk to a human being. I wish to complain about the server on my dial up which yet again didn’t allow me to download emails or surf the internet. Please let me know what the issue is and deduct 2 days billing from my next bill. I am so frustrated with your lack of a system of dealiing with existing customers (funnily enough I was put thru immeditely to a sales person when I selected new customer!!), that unless I receive an adequate reply I will be takinig my phone, TV and internet account to someone who cares Jxxxxx Kxxxxxxx”

Good Ol’ NTL & it’s customers

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