Hectic, thats the only way I can describe the last few days.
Don’t know whether I’m coming or going anymore.

At work I’ve been seconded to an Offline team (Ie. not taking incoming calls) which deals with Ofcom (formerly Oftel) complaints that come in to us.
Basically we have to call these customers back who have complained to Ofcom (who are the Telecom regulators in the UK) and try to sort out whatever their problem may be, put lightly, they are the major screamers.
It’s nice being offline though, not as stressful, but have targets to meet.

Had my hair changed again this morning.
Laura took me down to the salon to have my hair washed before work, and decided it would be a good idea to cut it and do a new style.
I’ll have to photograph later and show you all, it’s almost totally different, a hell of a lot shorter (by about 4 inches or so!)


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