black hole sun

Went to the Tate Modern today, haven’t been there before on my many trips to London.

I have to say, it was quite amazing.
Got told off though as I wasn’t to know that in the main galleries photography was not allowed!

They half a new exhibition in the “Turbine Room” which you may have seen in the news late last year.
Basically it’s a HUGE room with a big sun hanging at the front of it.
There is a gangway halfway through the room which is 1 floor higher than the rest of the floor which adds to the effect.
The optical illusion is, that the sun is not actually whole.
There is only have a sun, but the ceiling is covered in mirrors, which reflects the half to make it look whole, plus when you look up the whole floor is reflected.
Really is amazing, pictures below (you are allowed to take pictures in this one exhibition :P)


Our hotel is right across the road from the American Embassy too which has been totally fortified with cement blocks, metal fences and armed police etc. quite cool to see the huge guns those guys carry :D

(Our Hotel)


  1. So that’s where you are! Your girl is cute hmmm I’ve always wanted to go to the Tate Modern myself will have to save up to get down to London sometime this year!

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