Finally after a week of deliberation, deciding which one to get, I ordered my new mobile phone yesterday.

I was going to get the Motorola v600, which is a great looking little clamshell phone (would have been my first clamshell as I’m not really fussed on them), but decided that it really was too similar to my current phone to bother with.

If anyone can remember, last year I owned the Sony Ericsson P800, which is a PDA/Phone, it was excellent, with touchscreen and everything, but decided to get rid of it, partly because it was rather large, and partly because I could, at the time, get a lot of money from selling it on eBay (I managed to get £380 for it).
Well, Sony Ericsson recently released an upgraded model of the P800, aptly named the P900 which incorporates a slightly smaller body, but a hell of a lot of new or upgraded features.

For instance, the main selling point for me was the upgraded screen.
The P800 could only display 4,000 colours, so the screen contantly was a kind of blue-tint colour, which made it look very unprofessional, and to be honest, was quite annoying.
The P900 has fixed this, and I’ve never seen a screen with such clarity before on a mobile, it’s absolutely amazing.

So that is being delivered today, well, I say delivered, I’m going to be at work so I’m going to have to go down to the CityLink (yes, who I used to work for) depot later and collect it.

10 years, so fast

The BBC have a great feature on the amazing Bill Hicks, who died 10 years ago today.
Apparently he’s bigger than ever right now, which I think is amazing, as I don’t know anybody else that has heard of him.
But his comedy is so relevant today, which is why he is having a revival.
George W. Bush is EXACTLY like his father, and Bill Hicks’ comedy about Bush Snr. shows that.


You can find a lot of MP3’s from his shows on Kazaa.

Routines that I recommend you download:
Officer Nigger Hater (about the LA riots, don’t worry, not racist)
Me & Saddam (Hilarious)
Hooligans (about British people & football riots)