I’ve been looking for a typical example of “people who do not NEED the internet” for a while now, now I think I have finally found a suitable candidate.

Customer phones up, has been getting hundreds of “Mail Undeliverable” mails, which means she has the MyDoom/Norvag virus, as our mail servers bounce back any virus infected emails.

Bear in mind that this woman is elderly and would struggle to explain exactly why she needed a computer, never mind an internet connection.

She has spoken to a previous agent, who has told her to go to microsoft.com/security and follow the on screen instructions to the information about removing the MyDoom virus.

Customer calls back, I take her call.
Apparently, she has typed this address into the Internet Explorer address bar, and it has done nothing.

I obviously check the site, to see if it works. It does, works fine.

So I ask the customer, how she tried to go to this site.
“I typed the address into the bar.”

Did you press enter, or click Go?

“No, the person I spoke to didn’t tell me to do that”

Jesus H. Christ.

Then of course, I tell her to press Enter and it will go there, I tell her to click on the information for the MyDoom virus, and follow the instructions until you get to the download of the fix for it.

“How do you download?” Says the customer.

God Alive.


  1. Lol..that woman sounds funny. If someone asked me about the clicking go thing, I’d laugh, and think they were joking. xx

  2. Of course, she could be running her own dungeon for naughty judges across the internet – with one of her slaves doing all the design work. Or is that just my perverse imagination??

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