Teacher ‘taped boy’s mouth’

Ben Deacy alleges his mouth was taped during a lesson at Llanrumney High School, in Cardiff, last Thursday.
It is also claimed that the teacher involved in the incident wrote in a school report which the boy took home: “Excellent work – once I taped his mouth up!!”

Good for him.
The Teacher that is.
Have you ever been in a classroom?
The kids DO NOT shut up, they DO NOT settle down easily.

Taping up mouths should be policy for every unruly child.
People complain that the standard of education is below par at public schools, this is only true because of the childrens attitude to working.

You have my support Mr Teacher.


  1. I agree about the education being below par, and it is not the teachers fault. 99% of the problem is because pupil have no respect for the teachers, if theyr asked to do something they just blow up refuseing to do it and giving the teachers a mouth full of abuse. I for one would not like to be a teacher these days. Respect begins at home home and majority of kids have no respect for thier parents let alone anyone else.

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