Sorry to keep moaning on here about work, but I really do get really really wracked off with people.

They call you, and expect you to be two things;
1) A mind reader
2) Able to work with the minimum amount of details

For example, just got off the phone to a woman, “my connection isn’t working, i click connect, then the first thing it says is “resetting modem” nothing else.”

Now, this cannot be, unless there is something seriously wrong, it would at least dial, or try to dial the modem.
So, we do it together.

Click Connect, what does it do? It dials.
Then it comes up authenticating.
Then it comes up “username/password rejected, please check and try again”

So, is that resetting modem, madam? No. You have put in the wrong password.

If you rang up anyone else, say for example…your insurance company.
And simply said to them, I need a new car.

They would ask you why, if you said then said, I don’t know, theres something wrong with it, they’d laugh at you and tell you to fuck off.
So don’t do it to us!

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