We’re off now.
Have a 3 hour drive ahead of us to London Heathrow Airport, then a further 4 hours waiting around there until the flight departs at 09:30am GMT.

We’re scheduled to land at New York JFK at 12:30 EST (16:30 GMT) and then have half a day in NYC, by that time I would have gone without sleep for almost 40 hours.
I can’t sleep on planes, I can’t sleep in cars, I can’t sleep whilst in waiting areas, it’s just great. Bah.

I have a lot lined up, but I’ll try to blog as much as I can.
I’m taking my laptop, so I should be able to post pictures too.

See Ya’ll in a week!


It’s decided, going again this year.

Because of one man.

Morrissey is playing the Saturday night. Headlining.

“Morrissey is playing his first UK festival dates in over a decade.
Morrissey, who has had an intermittent solo career since the break up of The Smiths in 1987, is releasing a new album in May.

The singer, best known since The Smiths for solo tracks such as Everyday is Like Sunday and The More You Ignore, The Closer I Get, recently signed a new deal with Sanctuary Records.”


King Kong

Well, I’ve found some pictures of our hotel in New York, and bloody hell was I shocked and surprised at the location of it. See the below pictures, we’re staying at the “Ramada New Yorker” hotel.


Yes, that is the Empire State building just 2 blocks behind.
And Madison Sq Garden is just 2 blocks in front too (can’t see that in the picture)


But it does look like a nice hotel, and has internet access in the rooms (Yes, I did call them to check) so I’ll be taking my laptop and posting pictures as I take them during the week :)


Ok, my trip to NY has definately been cursed.
I took my camera out this morning to check that my new high power batteries worked alright in it.
Camera wouldn’t turn on.
Damn, the batteries are duff, was my initial thought.

Took them out, put in ones that I bought the other day, knowing they were working.


No lights, no noise.
Other than a slight rattle inside the camera.
Fuck. Great, my good camera is fucked, with just 8 days until I fly out to New York.

I have a plan though.
I’ve bought a camera from eBay, exactly the same as mine.
I’ll get that one in time to take to NYC, then when I come back, I’ll have this one repaired (Fuji say it’ll take them 2 weeks to fix it) and sell the other one on eBay.

I hope this doesn’t go pear shaped.