I decided to send back my phone, the P900, that I got 2 weeks ago.
It’s just not the type of phone I need right now, it’s too big, and I won’t use it for what it is designed for (wireless connectivety) as much as I anticipated I would.

I decided to go for the Motorola V600 instead.
Getting hold of it was the first job, everywhere had no stock.
Apparently Orange had done a mass recall because of software problems, and stocks are only just filtering back through now.
But, none-the-less still managed to get hold of one after calling at least 30 (no exaggeration) phone companies.


It’s great looking, has a great quality camera (much better quality than the Sony Ericsson in-built cameras) and comes with a bluetooth headset, which is a great addition to the package for no extra cost.

Have found a few flaws so far, but I’m sure I’ll be able to work them out.
First thing is, although the manual says it can, I don’t seem to be able to setup email.
Doing it as the manual says just does not work, I cannot find the email setup menu!

Secondly, I’ve tried to bluetooth my entire phonebook over from my SE T610, the phone locks on, downloads the phonebook, but then does nothing with it. Possible file incompatibility problems there, I’ll have to find out.

Lots more playing to do, and not back to work until Thursday, woohoo.

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