Photographers eye

Yes, I still have them!
If you don’t know what photographers eye is, it’s basically where you look around you, and notice things that you would not normally notice, and look at them as if you were looking through a viewfinder, or as though they were on a photograph in front of you. You know what would make a good photograph.
Making what you invisage onto the film (or memory card) is the hard part.

I went out shooting today in Cardiff, Bute Park.
The prominance of the daffodils is evident; they were absolutely everywhere.
There were only two types of tree which had any colour whatsovever; the conifers (which are green all year anyways), and one ppink blossom tree, which was very pretty, although starting to lose it blossoms and I suppose will look a little dead before long.
The pink tree, I manipulated in Photoshop a little bit, obviously the photo didn’t look like that when I took it, but I thought it made for good effect.



  1. hey nate, aw3som3 pics! Reminds me of my Blarney Castle pics. heh, you know to silly americans like me, all those castles look alike ;)

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