Ok, my trip to NY has definately been cursed.
I took my camera out this morning to check that my new high power batteries worked alright in it.
Camera wouldn’t turn on.
Damn, the batteries are duff, was my initial thought.

Took them out, put in ones that I bought the other day, knowing they were working.


No lights, no noise.
Other than a slight rattle inside the camera.
Fuck. Great, my good camera is fucked, with just 8 days until I fly out to New York.

I have a plan though.
I’ve bought a camera from eBay, exactly the same as mine.
I’ll get that one in time to take to NYC, then when I come back, I’ll have this one repaired (Fuji say it’ll take them 2 weeks to fix it) and sell the other one on eBay.

I hope this doesn’t go pear shaped.


  1. what luck! well, if worse comes to worst, buy the kodak max hq disposible camara, or the kodak advantix for panorama pics. by the way, when going to NYC, you should have a disposible camara with you anyway, for when you ask a stranger to take a picture of you and your folks, or if you are in a dark side of town and don’t want to attract a mugger but want to take a cool picture of the grafitti (sp?). ;)

  2. oh, lol sorry for double commenting, i just have to much to say!! also the disposible is great for taking pics on the plane right before landing, when digital/electrical devices are not permitted to be on.
    okay, that is all… :P

  3. how much do you want for that cammera? get in touch i want more cammera’s woot (NOT that i’ll prolly be able to afford it)

    have a good time in NY wish i was going but hopfully soon!

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