Not long

Branille has put up pictures from her visit to NYC.

Not long now and I’ll be there, just over a week in fact!
So many pictures to take..I’ve already got most of my trip planned.
I plan to visit the Soup Nazi (you’ll understand if you watch Seinfeld), The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times’ Square, Central Park, The Empire State Building and loads more, but I do still need ideas.

If you think theres a great place to go in NYC that I have mentioned, mail me.


  1. Don’t go to the Guggenheim… and if you jump in a helicopter tour ya get a lovely view of everything. Go up the empire state at day AND night. Film ALL crazy black people on the subway as they’re great! (white people in NY are dull) and then come home and we’ll edit our footage together with my Avid and make a movie and become famous. :p

    Have a cool trip!
    ~ Dan

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