Photos, photos, photos

On the subject of ID cards, I’ve just had to have a photo taken for my new ID pass.
As of May 1st, I (and all my colleagues at NTL Newport) will be working for Fujitsu.
As part of NTL’s cutbacks, instead of laying us all off, the callcentre (and all its employees, but not assets or contracts) was sold off to Fujitsu.

We’re apparently going to get a better deal being with Fujitsu, but that is yet to be seen. Will they make any cutbacks? redundancies?

Hopefully my new ID photo will be better than the one I’ve been walking around with for the last 7 months.

What’s to discuss?

Why is there such debate over the proposed ID card scheme?
Why would you not want one? What cons does it have?

Don’t want people to know your name or address?
Get real, hundreds of companies already have it. So does the government, so why can you not let them have it held on one more database?

Don’t want your medical records put onto a database?
It’s already on one at your doctors surgery.
Would it not be of benefit to have it on a card too? If you get taken unconcious or something into hospital, and you have an allergy, or something, it would be there for them to know, instead of either waiting until a family member arrives to tell them the details of it.

In summary, if you have nothing to hide, then what’s the problem?
If you don’t think it’s right, then there is definately something fishy about you that should be investigated.

The only part that I don’t agree with, is the speculation (notice that word) that it will cost £30 to have it. We already pay £30-odd pounds for a passport every 10 years, don’t make us pay for this as well.


Oh yeah baby, finally we have some wise decisions being made.

NTL is to boost the speed of its broadband service at no extra cost.
NTL’s entry-level 150K service is upgrading to 300k although the price will remain £17.99 a month. The 600K service is to increase to 750K (£24.99) while its 1MB service ramps up to 1.5MB (£37.99).

It’s happening in the summer, and we will celebrate with some major downloading.
I’ve been on the 1mb service for 2 years now, and can’t wait to push my system further, god knows it’s capable of it.


What to say, had a busy few weeks. I shan’t bother going into depth, but it’s been fun.

I did a BMI (Body Mass Index) rate test thing a few minutes ago, apparently my BMI is 18, which is considered underweight.
My ideal weight is between 10st 6 and 12st 6lb’s – I’m 1 stone 7lb’s off my lowest ideal weight!

Ask Laura, I eat a minimum of 3 pie and chip meals per week, nothing in my diet is healthy.
I regularly survive a day at work on 4 bags of crisps and a can of coke then go to Lauras or home and have a huge curry.

I’m not trying to put weight on, this is how I’ve eaten for as long as I can remember. But the weight just won’t go on. But do I want it to?