From the Bloggers capital

Good afternoon boys and girls (as is the time here, currently 6 hours behind GMT as these crazy yanks haven’t put their clocks forward yet),
Yes, I’m blogging from the great US of A.

I dragged my laptop all the way over here, to find that the only internet access was from the room telephone, using my regular ISP (back in Britain), so the rates would be absolutely phenomenal.
Therefor I cannot get any pictures online at the moment, as I am at an internet terminal in the lobby of my hotel (which isn’t costing me anything, although it should (the card reader is fudged, it doesnt charge your card).

It’s been absolutely great here so far, got another 3 nights and 2 days to go.
I’ve mastered the subway, I can now get from where we are (Uptown) to where my favourite shops are (Soho, Downtown), with great ease, all on my own.
I’ll tell you, we’re piveledged to have a system as great as the Tube in London, it knocks spots off the NYC Subway system.

I’ve seen some amazing things, amongt them, the view from the Staten Island ferry afte dark, has to be the most beautiful scene I’ve ever encountered, and also made me realise that digital cameras are not the best. I couldn’t get a good scene picture in the dark at all. Just doesn’t pick up the light like an SLR (or your eyes) would.

I’ll be going to the Empire State building tonight (just a block away from our hotel) after dark as apparently (thank you Dan) it has the best views at night.
Hopefully should go up tomorrow too in the daytime (c’mon, its only $11).

I love this place, just a shame we’re only here for a week.


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