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Just got back in after a long flight back from JFK into Heathrow.
Landed at about 11am, got into the house at about 20 past 3, so made good time.

The last few days in NYC were absolutely mad. Got so much done.
Went to see Rent at the Nederlander Theatre on Broadway, absolutely stunning performance, I can definately see why Broadway is so hyped up.

Sunday, the last day was the most hectic, went up to Central Park, did a full circle, stopping at Strawberry Fields to take a load of photos of the John Lennon memorial there, which had been beautifully decorated in flowers by homeless people who watched, smiling, as hordes of people took photographs.
Then made my way down to Times Square, which I’d been to a few times, but not really taken any photographs.
That’s what this day was all about, getting as many photographs as was humanly possible.

After Times Square, I hopped onto the C train to Brooklyn, got off at High Street and walked over Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan, I must have taken about 30-40 photographs, the Brooklyn Bridge and the views from it are just awe inspiring.
Then went back through Soho (for the third time in a week!) and bought some more jeans, I love Soho so much.
Then back to the hotel and then to the airport.

That’s just a brief summary, that entire day walking around taking photos took over 7 hours in real-time :p
Over the entire week I spent $600 (£350) just on clothes, 98% of that in Soho.
I can honestly say I’ve never spent that much before in 6 months on clothes, nevermind one week! Damn you Laura for making me more fashion conscious, and damn you Soho for being so damned good at supplying me with what I like!

I’m transferring all the pictures now from the Laptop, and will put them up on the site later on sometime.
But for now, here a sneek peek of what I have,
This one was taken at the fence around the World Trade Center site, I’ve played around with it in Photoshop.


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