What to say, had a busy few weeks. I shan’t bother going into depth, but it’s been fun.

I did a BMI (Body Mass Index) rate test thing a few minutes ago, apparently my BMI is 18, which is considered underweight.
My ideal weight is between 10st 6 and 12st 6lb’s – I’m 1 stone 7lb’s off my lowest ideal weight!

Ask Laura, I eat a minimum of 3 pie and chip meals per week, nothing in my diet is healthy.
I regularly survive a day at work on 4 bags of crisps and a can of coke then go to Lauras or home and have a huge curry.

I’m not trying to put weight on, this is how I’ve eaten for as long as I can remember. But the weight just won’t go on. But do I want it to?


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