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Why is there such debate over the proposed ID card scheme?
Why would you not want one? What cons does it have?

Don’t want people to know your name or address?
Get real, hundreds of companies already have it. So does the government, so why can you not let them have it held on one more database?

Don’t want your medical records put onto a database?
It’s already on one at your doctors surgery.
Would it not be of benefit to have it on a card too? If you get taken unconcious or something into hospital, and you have an allergy, or something, it would be there for them to know, instead of either waiting until a family member arrives to tell them the details of it.

In summary, if you have nothing to hide, then what’s the problem?
If you don’t think it’s right, then there is definately something fishy about you that should be investigated.

The only part that I don’t agree with, is the speculation (notice that word) that it will cost £30 to have it. We already pay £30-odd pounds for a passport every 10 years, don’t make us pay for this as well.


  1. People like me don’t want one because if it contained a date of brith, people like me could no longer get away with going to pubs. Bring them in about a year and a half I say:)

  2. Sorry Mate, You’re really off the mark on this one. Just an ideal, but why don’t we just go the whole way and have a bar code tattooed on our foreheads. You talk about conspiracies and then you’re for this. Please take time out and have a think………..

  3. Here’s the problem with ID cards – they are a serious infringement of civil liberties. The whole “if you have nothing to hide..” attitude seriously undermines the whole
    PRINCIPLE of civil liberties, and the right to a degree of privacy. Given that you believe you have “nothing to hide”, would you be happy to be monitored, for police to read your mail, tap your phone
    and track your movements? Where do we you the line, as this argument makes no distinction..
    And why should I need a piece of plastic to be a “legitimate” citizen, to legally walk down a street? In fact, I could face a fine of several thousand pounds if I chose not to register with the scheme,, which effectively
    criminalises me.

    This policy looks set to become expensive and ineffective, its disadvantages by far outweighing its advantages.
    The three main arguments presented for the introduction of ID cards are that it would a) prevent crime, fraud etc b) prevent terrorism and c) prevent immigrants from illegally claiming under the NHS.
    However, this seems to be no convincing argument that the introduction of ID cards would effectively tackle these crimes.

    A) Crime, fraud etc – In countries where ID card systems are in place, there is no evidence of lower rates of fraud etc. Most crime goes unsolved becomes perpetrators haven’t been CAUGHT rather than

    B) Terrorism – Well you tell me, did ID cards stop the madrid bombings? Faking ID would be no object towards sophisticated terroist organisations – all those behind September 11th
    were either in possesion of perfectly legitimate ID or else held convinving forgeries.

    C) Immigration & benfit fraud – Most immigrants are entitled to NHS and educational provision. The tiny minority who are fradulently claiming could not be costing even a fraction of the 3 billion cost of the ID card scheme.
    Those who defraud the benefit service usually do so by lying about financial circumstances and illegal work rather than lying about their identity. And most of those working illegally do so with full knowledge of their

    As the director of Liberty points out – “Fraud, terrorism and crime are problems which require detailed and intricate policy solution” – the idea that somehow ID card will be a simple and effectiove solution to these problems is a vast underestimation as to the extent of the problems themselves.

    As you point out, we already HAVE several forms of identification we can use if necessary.. Surely making it so easy to prove identification will result in A) a highly profitable black market in
    production of fake ID (as was the case in France on production of their “unforgeable” smartcard) B) fraud becoming EASIER for sophisticated money laundering groups as this form of ID is
    being viewed as definitive.

    Also, there has been a lot of concern that the ID cards will damage community relations – we know that in the past ID cards have been used to persecute certain racial groups , and we also know
    that the cards will be introduced to foreign nationals before British nationals. This could well increase harrassment of immigrants and ethnic minorities who are already far more likely to be stopped by

    Sorry if this makes no sense, written quickly and off top of my head,, Also sorry for writing so much but it is an issue I feel very strongly about.

  4. you say about having things in your doctors surgary it’s supposed to be Confidental! I don’t want to be judge by people coz of my medical histroy or what colour my eyes are!

    BTW £30 to buy and a fine if you don’t have one! Just a money making thing for the goverment don’t you think! I personally don’t think the goverment has a right keeping tabs on people!

    I don’t want one and I don’t wanna be part of the EU

    but who am i to have a moan it’s not like the goverment care that much about people is it?? (and do you think it’s really gonna make a diffrence to Terroist when some of them (Like that cleric) are british citizens and can’t be deported anyway)

    This may sound bollox but i dunno it’s late and i need sleepy

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