Photos, photos, photos

On the subject of ID cards, I’ve just had to have a photo taken for my new ID pass.
As of May 1st, I (and all my colleagues at NTL Newport) will be working for Fujitsu.
As part of NTL’s cutbacks, instead of laying us all off, the callcentre (and all its employees, but not assets or contracts) was sold off to Fujitsu.

We’re apparently going to get a better deal being with Fujitsu, but that is yet to be seen. Will they make any cutbacks? redundancies?

Hopefully my new ID photo will be better than the one I’ve been walking around with for the last 7 months.


  1. Hi,

    Can u get rid of that fucking wizard thing. Novel yes, Good ideal NO.

    And its got the check to stick itself on my tray.

    Get rid of the fucker, PLEASE.


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