I said that I wouldn’t watch Big Brother this year, but after by chance catching the first night, watching the housemates go into the house and finding out who they were and what they were like, I’ve decided to take back that promise.

It’s been boring so far, but the first few days always are.
But it has the potential, from the calibre of the people that are in there at the moment, to be one of the best ever series’ of Big Brother.

Channel4 have really thought this one through and made sure that personas will clash, bringing on bitchiness and divides between the housemates.

For example, Kitten, the fulltime self-proclaimed “human rights activist”, lesbian, vegetarian, rebel against the system, compared to sexy glamour model wannabe, pseudo lesbian party girl Michelle.

It’s going to happen, Kitten is a currently, whilst in the house anyways, a rebel without a cause. It has already come out, in the fact that she, for some unknown reason, decided to not do the task that Big Brother had set on Saturday night (simply to go to the diary room), replying to the request with a two finger salute from the hot-tub.
The result of that (and the fact that almost the entire house voted against her) is now that she will not receive her suitcase, with all her clothes and belongings, for the entire duration of her stay.

Marco (picture at the top) is my current favourite.
From the word go, he had me in hysterics.
Proper queenie gay man, who adds “Oh My God!”, whilst jumping up and down, clapping euphorically, to the beginning of every sentance (you know the type).

Try watching it, just once :D

wi-fi antics

From a BBC News story.

There are growing concerns the technology is vulnerable to computer hackers because the wireless signals spill out into public areas where criminals can capture them.

But just a few miles down the road from the TW04 event, computer expert Jason Hart has demonstrated some of the risks facing computer users at the Newport Business Park.

Driving around in his car and using standard equipment, he is able to identify several firms which could become targets for “drive-by hackers”.

“There is one now I have just picked up on and that would be very vulnerable and open to attack,” he said.

At the very least, hackers who get in to the internet account would be able to surf for free.

But that is just the beginning of the problem for companies.

Mr Harts said: “Once we do that, we can start editing or changing any settings on that device within the network and we can get full control of the network.”

One company in the park gave him permission to attempt to hack into their system, which he was easily able to do.

I also demonstrated how easy this is whilst in New York, where I managed to surf the web for free using the corporate network of a company in the building across the street.

They had no passwords or anything, I can only imagine that everyone in the hotel could do the same, which, if many people found out, could cause a real problem for that company in terms of connection speed, bandwith costs and more if somebody tried to do something more sinister.

The only thing I did to demonstrate to the company that they were open, was print a page using one of their HP LaserJets in huge letters saying “Your Wi-Fi network is open!”
I did this on the day before I left, but still the next day it was open.
Hopefully they have done something about it now.

Connecting to a network by Wi-Fi is just like somebody walking up and plugging a cable into the back of your home computer, if not set-up correctly, anyone can access anything.

Can’t please..

Well, I’ve heard of the saying “You can’t please everyone all of the time”, but this is just crazy.

An email complaint from a customer who cannot access his email,

“I checked my webmail this morning and it was OK. Then there was a problem connecting which seems to be on your Server Status list as “due to an issue with one of our email servers approximately 12% of email accounts will be unavailable at this time. No emails sent to these these accounts will be lost, and will be available to download shortly after service is resumed. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.”

The bit I have issue with is “No emails sent to these these accounts will be lost” because now I can get back into my account but YOU HAVE DELETED 20 or so of my spam emails.

If I don’t get them back I will be seeking legal advice.

You really ought to take some responsibility for removing spam too. Nearly 100 per day is too many and I am seriously considering changing provider on this basis.

Get your act together.”

So, basically this customer is complaining that we deleted some of his spam, and then goes on to say that he is receiving too much and he wants it deleted?

Being seconded onto the complaints team for a month, this is the type of thing I get every minute of every day.
NTL, having one of the largest UK ISP customer bases obviously gets more of these types of customer than most.

Obviously having this job, I have a more biased view than most.
But I have to say, in all honesty, people really are stupid.

All the lazy dykes

I got Morrisseys album yester, had my first chance to get it, so I did.
Been listening to it, and wow. It really is great!

It’s definately on par with his first, Viva Hate.
There has been a 7 year gap between albums, simply because the last lot were simply, quite bad.

But, back on top form with You are the Quarry, I have to say.
My favourite track?
Surprisingly, it’s not the single, Irish Blood, English Heart, but the highly appropriate “America is not the world”.
I think we know what the inspiration for writing that song is, eh?

Buy You are the Quarry, £8.99

Sing for Absolution

I didn’t want to post this until I knew she had left in the car to the test centre, as reading this would probably make her more nervous that she (and I) already is.

Laura is taking her practical driving test today.
She’s been driving since last October or so, passed her theory with ease a few weeks ago, and now today is finally the time ot take her pactical.
The test begins at 11:35am, at Newport test centre.

You have all my hope pinned on you now Laura! Go for it!

I’ll update with the result later..

She passed!
At 2pm yesterday, after not calling me to tell me the result or anything, Laura turned up on my doorstep in the car on her own!
We then proceeded to go straight to Bristol, her first venture on the motorway too, to go to The Mall @ Cribbs Causeway to do some well deserved shopping :D