Best of… 2001 – 2004

I take a lot of pictures.
I’ve put together a few of the best pictures from my rather large archives.
To find out the story behind each picture, hover over the top of each picture.

Note to Dan, hanging over the edge of a  trampoline will not make puke less after all that booze Now you listen to me, this is how to get hair like mine Paul is trying to figure out how to use my camera. Not very successfully 
Alex shows the world how to get majorly stoned Where are my eyes! Where are my eyes! And that's how you turn it on 
Get out of my chicken shop you drunk fuck The 100 faces of Daniel; Number 43 - Theres something up my ass We got quite a few quid for these two 
Two cute kids ;) Stop ramming that in there! This is going to hurt, really.. 
The camera is having difficulty in drinking the shot This was the quiet part of the night Yes, you got me out of bed Nathan 
This is where my tits used to be What a healthy looking bunch, do you think this is a morning after picture? It didn't stay that full for very long 
This was the best picture I managed to get If the Terminator was homosexual... No...No..Noooooooo! 


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