post attack

Haven’t updated in a while.
Finding it hard to really. I’m lacking things to say.
Mostly my week consists of working, and staying at Laura’s house.
I’m staying there a lot more of late, last week it was five days, out of seven, so quite a lot.

I’m finding now though that I’m not having withdrawl symptoms from lack of time spent with my computer, which I usually get.
Maybe that’s because I have set it up so that I can remotely access it (visually, as in move my mouse, open programs and everything as if I was actually there) from anywhere, so I suppose it’s cheating really.

Friday night was enjoyable.
Started off drinking a nice large bottle of vodka, which for very odd reason didn’t even touch me, I could hardly feel it, for the amount that I had drank.
We then moved on to Gretskys, where Freakshow was on, but didn’t manage to get in as the guy on the door was asking for ID from everybody, no matter how old you looked/are, ID had to be shown for every person who was attempting to enter, which I find is absolutely absurd.
It just resulted in about 25 people hanging around outside the club until about midnight, just doing nothing, (except drinking cider and, in my case, vodka).
At about midnight I decided to give up, tired with waiting outside for the door staff to go off duty, I moved with Hoppo, Grimble and Burton to Metro’s where an enjoyable night was had by all (by this time I had drank a lot more Vodka so was feeling very out of it).
Ended up home at 4am, with Dan (my apparent twin) on tow, who ended up sleeping on my bedroom floor.
Low and behold, as usual I had to be up by 9am to get into work by 10:30 which I was not amused by, and seriously did contemplate calling in sick but fended off the urge to do so and spent a day nursing a very bad hangover whilst talking to customers attempting not lose my temper with a few of the more retarded ones.

Well thats all I have to say, I try not to go into all the details of my nights out as I’m sure nobody finds it interesting in the least.
But hell, it’s better than posting nothing for weeks.


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