Please no..

A York to London express train equipped with the latest wireless internet technology is one of hundreds of initiatives aimed at encouraging the over 50s to get online.

Events across the UK designed to tempt the elderly online
Events are taking place at football clubs, livestock auctions, bingo halls, hospitals, pubs and libraries across the UK to mark Silver Surfers’ Day on Friday 21 May.

Please no, simply, no.
If anyone here has ever had to help a “silver surfer” get to grips with the internet, you would be as adamant as I am to keep these people away from computers.
They complain about the internet service provider not working, when it is simply their computer and something they have done to it, to make it not work.
And boy do they complain, incoherantly most of the time, might I add.
They will call through with the same problem time and time again, simply because they do the same thing to break it, time and time again.
The majority don’t understand, and cannot be taught to understand.

My suggestion to stop this now?
There should be “how to be satisfied with knitting” classes set up.


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