Sing for Absolution

I didn’t want to post this until I knew she had left in the car to the test centre, as reading this would probably make her more nervous that she (and I) already is.

Laura is taking her practical driving test today.
She’s been driving since last October or so, passed her theory with ease a few weeks ago, and now today is finally the time ot take her pactical.
The test begins at 11:35am, at Newport test centre.

You have all my hope pinned on you now Laura! Go for it!

I’ll update with the result later..

She passed!
At 2pm yesterday, after not calling me to tell me the result or anything, Laura turned up on my doorstep in the car on her own!
We then proceeded to go straight to Bristol, her first venture on the motorway too, to go to The Mall @ Cribbs Causeway to do some well deserved shopping :D


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