I said that I wouldn’t watch Big Brother this year, but after by chance catching the first night, watching the housemates go into the house and finding out who they were and what they were like, I’ve decided to take back that promise.

It’s been boring so far, but the first few days always are.
But it has the potential, from the calibre of the people that are in there at the moment, to be one of the best ever series’ of Big Brother.

Channel4 have really thought this one through and made sure that personas will clash, bringing on bitchiness and divides between the housemates.

For example, Kitten, the fulltime self-proclaimed “human rights activist”, lesbian, vegetarian, rebel against the system, compared to sexy glamour model wannabe, pseudo lesbian party girl Michelle.

It’s going to happen, Kitten is a currently, whilst in the house anyways, a rebel without a cause. It has already come out, in the fact that she, for some unknown reason, decided to not do the task that Big Brother had set on Saturday night (simply to go to the diary room), replying to the request with a two finger salute from the hot-tub.
The result of that (and the fact that almost the entire house voted against her) is now that she will not receive her suitcase, with all her clothes and belongings, for the entire duration of her stay.

Marco (picture at the top) is my current favourite.
From the word go, he had me in hysterics.
Proper queenie gay man, who adds “Oh My God!”, whilst jumping up and down, clapping euphorically, to the beginning of every sentance (you know the type).

Try watching it, just once :D


  1. I can’t wait to see some chaos and arguments in the Big Brother house this year, the housemates are insane! x

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