Talking of birthdays..

Branille has made a post concerning the first anniversary of the re-naming of her blog, which has prompted me to inform you of, what would usually be a silent, informal celebration that I partake in every year.
June the 12th is rolling around fast, if you don’t know what that means, then you obviously aren’t a hardcore fan of hintofsarcasm :P

Well, just to fill you in. June 12th 2004 will be the 7th anniversary of my first blog.
Hintofsarcasm, as many of you will remember, hasn’t always been called that. In fact, it’s only been called it for just over a year now.
Various names have been used, and over 25 designs too (all of which I do still have).

It’s life started off in 1997, a site with no name other than “Nathans homepage” hosted at’s freespace (which is ironic as I now work supporting customers). The site was manually updated, ie. every time an update was placed, I’d have to put one entry into an archive page, then update the html manually in notepad. It was all very fiddly, thus didn’t get updated much, once a week at the most. Bear in mind, I was 13 at the time. Quite an achivement I think, since the internet was still in its infancy.
Admittedly, the design was atrocious. It consisted of a left hand frame (for the navigation), and a larger, main frame, for the content.
Yes, I did say frame. Argh, what was I thinking?
The entire site was also a puke green colour, the type that really burns your eyes to look at. Great.
I’m sure it didn’t get many visitors though :P

From there, I did eventually get an autoupdating program (similar to Movabletype) in about 1999, which is where I started getting more serious about my blogging (although it wasn’t called blogging then, or at least, I didn’t know it as that) and even get my first domain then.

Over the years the site has had many names and domains, just a few of them are;

toasty(, supersadist(.com), fairygothmosher(.com), cheesetoasted(.com), purplelollipop(.net), pblog(.com), rockisdead(

Unfortunately, due to a hard drive crash in late 2001, I lost all archives from before that time, so I don’t have the posts to import into movabletype (unless maybe I can find some on some very old webspace, which is very unlikely), but, I do still have a lot of the old designs, of which I will be putting up in an archive sometime over the next few days.
Ah the memories.

So get the balloons out, next Saturday I’ll be having my celebration with a bottle of vodka and some creme cakes :D

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and the site through the years, it really wouldn’t still be alive today without you all.
Especially, the following people:

Nick Malyon – All that code would never have made sense without you
Daisy – I wouldn’t have had anything to write about if it weren’t for you back in the beginning. If you still read the site, mail me.
Chelsea – You’ve finally started your own blog, hope it runs as long as this!
Branille – Without Sit Down and Relax, I probably would have given this up.
Laura – I’d have no inspiration to write anything without you at my side.


  1. Yay!! Ah, the good ol’ days… Speaking of forgotten memories, has anyone else noticed the signs for a “Blue Moon” outside Gatekeeper? (Just wondering if that could be what I think it is)

    Have a nice party :p

  2. Happy Birthday to your blog! I remember your old site (sort of). I’m sure I remember the green-ness. Sera x

  3. I wouldn’t know what to do without you! I’ve had a website since 2000, so it’s 4 years of (lol, which before was ;) love ya lots, and thx for the ping :) BLOGGERS 43v3r!~

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