Good riddance Goodway

I’ve been sat here, at work, grinning like a cheshire cat at my screen for the past 25 minutes, as I read the news that Cardiff Council leader Russell Goodway has resigned as council leader, following the heavy defeats of the Labour party, not just in Cardiff, but all over England & Wales.

The party that I voted for, the Liberal Democrats, made the biggest gains in Wales, gaining 48 seats across Wales, whilst Labour took the heavisest losses, losing 57. Absolutely phenomenal.

Cardiff is no longer ruled by Labour, it is now a council of “No Overall Control”.
Although the Lib Dems do hold the most seats, which is very pleasing, very pleasing indeed.

The reason I hate Russell Goodway? Well since he took over the leadership of Cardiff Council, he has taken pay rise after pay rise, bonus after bonus, to the tune of over 2 million pounds, in the last 5 years or so.
He and his council are being taken to the High Court now, regarding these payments, which have been deemed by the District Auditor, as unlawful.

Good riddance Goodway, thats what I say :)

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