BB Mayhem!

Oh the excitement!
I’ve been reading about the developments in the Big Brother house last nite, and now I can’t wait to get home and watch! I’m so glad now that I subscribed to Channel4 broadband, just to see what happened, it all sounds so amazingly exciting!

The entire living area got trashed in a huge brawl between all the housemates, tables were flipped, chairs thrown, food strewn everywhere.
One of the more dainty housemates, Shell, collapsed through the grief and stress of it all (although she wasn’t actually arguing with anyone) and for the first time in UK Big Brother history, security guards had to be drafted in to split everyone up, and the live feeds on both E4 and the internet were cut for a few hours too.

What will the producers do now? They can’t let everyone get back in the same room again, for fear that it’ll happen again, which most likely it will. Do they cut the entire programme? Eject all housemates and bring in totally new ones? Who knows..

The Channel4 Big Brother website is certainly feeling the strain this morning, for the first time this series, as I’m getting timeout errors every other page, and the site is just amazingly slow at loading anything up. Thousands must be logging on to read, and I’m sure the ratings for the next few shows will succeed any other programme this series anyway.

Read the full synopsis here..


  1. I say keep the housemates and let the arguments happen again, but make the bedsit a little punishment thingy so if they go over the top (like last night) they have to spend a few days in the Bedsit or something

  2. I’ve just been watching BB:live and cannot believe how frequently they CENSOR the audio feed everytime it looks as if a housemate is about to discuss something which is “taboo”. I watched about an hour and half, and a total of at least 30 minutes was silenced because the housemates were actually having an intelligent discussion!!! Obviously “Reality TV” means nudity, profanity, banality and violence can be broadcast, but thought-provoking realistic conversation (or what may initiate it) has to be cut from the air for fear of Channel 4 being sued! This is not just ‘potentially racist discussion’, or even just anything of a political or religious nature ~ it’s basically *everything* that isn’t about sex or celebrities. Perhaps this program is more Orwellian that we’d first thought…

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