Hello all!

I made it to an internet cafe, in the town of Argostoli, which is 25km from where we are staying, in the town of Sami.
It’s amazing over here, the weather is great, really great, the island is beautiful, with great views wherever you go of unspoilt land and hugh mountainous regions seperating each town.
I’ve taken, and uploaded to my laptop over 100 photos now, so I’ll have those to show when I get back, which is on Sunday, the 11th (this coming Sunday).

We went to a paradise beach yesterday, at least, thats how I describe it.
The sea was crystal clear, the sand was white, when you stepped into the sea, you could feel the fish swimming around your ankles, which when you moved, didn’t even flinch, they seemed to be totally comfortable with you being there.
Snorkeling was great as you would imagine, the fish still didn’t move an inch even when you were shoving your masked face right up to them. Amazing.

Greece won in th European Championships (Football/Soccer) last night, as you may or may not know.
Kefalonia being an island off the coast of Greece (and part of Greece), went absolutely crazy.
It’s only a small island, and where we are staying is only a small town (500 or so residents), but in the town square they had erected a big screen to watch the match on, and most of the town came out in force.
As you can imagine, when the final whistle blew, the place absolutely erupted.
The long stretch of road leading in the town square, which is usually pedestrianised was absolutely full with cars beeping their horns, flying Greek flags, cheering and whistling, doing laps of honour around the adjacent roads.
Firecrackers being thrown, fireworks being let off, it was a great atmosphere that is quite hard describe and probably is a once in a lifetime thing to see.
Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera out with me last nite, but we did get some video footage, which I’ll be able to post and take stills from. :)

Anyways, better go as we dont have much time left before we’re going back to the hotel.

Cya’ll soon.


  1. Yay!!!! (Only you would *not* have a camera when that happened once-in-a-lifetime thing happened ;)

    I recommend everyone goes on eBay and searches for ‘Glastonbury mud’.

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