Well, we got home last night, at about 8:30pm (GMT) after a nice flight and a total nightmare at Kefallinia airport. (They really do need to make these foreign airports bigger, I mean, 76 seats for a plane of 200 odd, and hardly any standing room too? Whats that all about?)

Also, the weather over here is depressing. A drop of 30 degrees in just a 4 hour flight (was 42 degrees leaving Kefalonia, 12 degrees getting into Birmingham).
I mean, even the scenery from my plane window is such a stark contrast..look..

Nice, isn’t it.
No, I didn’t think so either.

But hell, I took a lot of pictures, over 600 in fact.
I’m in the process of splitting the crap from the good at the moment, so we’ll see some more pictures later.

Click here for pictures

*Edit: 14:24*

I found two photos of me that Laura took at Antisamos beach, you can see my new hairstyle that Laura did for me a week before we left.

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